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HanaKimi Dorama!!!!

someone PLEASE shoot me~ X333333

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  • Horikita Maki as Ashiya Mizuki (at Nobuta wo Produce as Kotani Nobuko (NTV, 2005) )
  • Oguri Shun as Sano Izumi
  • Ikuta Toma as Nakatsu Shuichi
  • Kimura Ryou as Senri Nakao
  • Okada Masaki as Sekime Kyogo
  • Mizushima Hiro as Nanba Minami
  • Yamamoto Yusuke as Kayashima Taiki
  • Konno Mahiru as Hara Akira
  • Kamikawa Takaya as Umeda Hokuto 

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    ok.. I was SO excited when I saw Shirota at the first picture.. God..
    I can't think.. I can't breath.. XDD
    and I LOVE HanaKimi manga.. I can't wait to watch the dorama!!!!

    Yesterday I read Nodame Cantabile (until no. 15) the story is fun and lovely.. I like the cracks and all..
    Anyway, I will be at Bali for a whole week starting tommorow.. HOLIDAY!!!!!!
    And congrats for all my sempais after 2-days SPMB.. hope you can enter the University you desire..x9 good luck!! 
    ok.. this was all just irritating.. Because of this stupid lame internet connection I can hardly online these days. I wish I had 24 hours high-speed internet!!! XP Using this super lame Telkomnet Instan connection's killing me!!!! *stressed*

    Anyway, I have a new account named arakida707. I write with full Indonesia language in that journal. Just make sure you read the first entry. because it's very private and I don't want anyone out of nowhere suddenly read the journal without me knowing it..
    But don't worry, I will still browsing around, writing random things and making new friends by using this account.^^d

    And today???? At 11 a.m, I went out with naru_chama to a book store near our school, bought a drink at Dunkin' Donuts', and read the comics we bought then chat about lots of things.. most of the topics were: our same ideology =why on earth, common teenagers likes to be in a relationship. Honestly, naru_chama and I thought that in our young age, it is a waste of time if teenagers using this short period of time by having a boy/girlfriend.. Well, I don't really care about what people think actually because I'm already sure that I want to earn a high education, and also loving my friends, loving my familly, doing whatsoever my hobbies, and going around the world without being bothered by someone that people called boyfriend.

    I got home at 3 and I slept just when I reach my bed. (Maybe I still need some sleep after my only-3 hours-sleeping yesterday night. I had to finished my biology assignment, that was why I went to bed so late that night)

    I woke up at 5, it was the same time when akirasama called me on the phone. She told me lots of  wonderfull things she and her classmate had when they were at their farewell. I'm very glad she's loved by her classmate:). Honestly I was worried about her at our first time in second year high school, because we're not in the same class anymore. I'm afraid she can't addapt herself well. Err, wrong, I know she's not a baby and I'm sure she can take care of herself well. I just weren't sure about the girls in her class, would they accept her? That was what exactly on my mind all this time. But thank God, in fact, her classmate really loves her. :) BRAVO!!!

    say good bye to exam~ 8DDDD

    Yesterday was a total fun!! :)
    My friends and I went to Gelar Jepang UI wich were held at FIB UI, Depok. So I couldn't attend the course full time.

    Anyway!! we went there with a huge number of us. There were chidoppi, niki, machan, choppi, andrea, chacha, hana, heliana, beni tia, mella, 3 other friends, and I. Too bad akirasama, aoyama_yuki, and naru_chama couldn't come.. (I just know that akirasama overslept so that she couldn't arrived on time^^;:). I met lots of friends yesterday: Lila-chibichan, Dara, Izzah and of course kaichama, toshi, and ore_ryousama-neechan!!! I also met new people, Lila's friend, her name was Acha (if not mistaken). And Izzah's classmate named Megu.
    Too bad my Jacussie (Japan Club Sixty Eight) sempaitachi couldn't come also because they have to study for exams that will be held in this week. Shirou-tachi and rahma too. err,, Exams?? yes, kaichama, toshi, and ore_ryousama too,, they will have exams but they still came! XDDD

    We brought our bento from home.. X333 picnic at bunkasai.. hihi.. of course, we must use our money efficiently so we could buy more CDs and merchandise!! hurray!! X9
    When we were eating, there was a band named Banana Rock that played Nana's Glamorous Sky acoustically.. and the vocalist's voice was this familiar with ayumi hamasaki's!!! gosh.. pretty voice!! It sounded like the song was sang by ayumi.. although we couldn't see the vocalist because we were so damn hungry at that time we listened to the song with our heart and our mouth munched our delicious bento.. nyum!!
    after lunch, it's time to took pictures again!!

    Well, if you see our photos, you'll almost can't notice the cosplayers, because WE were the one who's overacting with our various-but-unimportant-pose.. haha!!
    After a few shots I randomly sneaked out with kaichama, while my friends were hunting more pictures. kaichama and I went looking for ore_ryousama who was at the cosplayer's air conditioned room. At first, we did the "Aniki!!" "Imouto!!" "Aniki!!" "Imouto!!" "Aniki!!" "Imouto!!" "Aniki!!" "Imouto!!" "Aniki!!" "Imouto!!" "Aniki!!" "Imouto!!" "Aniki!!" "Imouto!!" "Aniki!!" "Imouto!!" "Aniki!!" "Imouto!!" "Aniki!!" "Imouto!!"-ritual so many times. and then with others, we talked about their UAS, the next cosplay, and other silly stuffs.

    When I got back from my sneak out action, my friends hysterically said to me that they had had a crush with a keyboard player named Eponk.. X333 oh... randomness....

    Many thanks to Beny, our professional XDD only photographer who's willing to took our stupid pose.. It's very nice of him. he's the only guy among us, but he said he enjoy the trip though. o yes, there's one touching scene of him when he was just about to took our picture. Suddenly we heard X-Japan's 'Tears' that played by Amakusa Band. "OMGZSFS I CAN'T CONCENTRATE!!!!" he said and the camera was shaking because of his shaking hands. Well, it looked like he had some sad memories about this song.. practically we just stopped our craziness and let him enjoyed the song..

    That was it!! most of us (included me) went home at 6 o'clock. Tired but excited and satisfied..

    I really want to post the pictures here.. unfortunately my card reader was broken..


    study hard

    At last, chemistry's solubility product exam was over..
    I studied last night from 1 am to 4 am. then slept about an hour and studied again until 5:30.
    before I study seriously, I thought chemistry is a one annoying lesson ever!
    and after I really study with my mind and soul, I realize that my opinion was a total mistake! :)
    I was pretty sure I'll get flying score this time.. yay!!

    and it was 8:30 when our class took the exam..
    it was very DIFFICULT.. super difficult...
    I can only answer 60% from it..
    but somehow it doesn't matter for me, I acquire the knowledge though..
    it comes to me a feeling of satisfaction because I did the exam all by my own, which is a rare thing for me to do in chemistry exam..


    move to another school.. NO!!!!!!! T^T

    for english traslation,, just wait..;) I'll make it as soon as possible!!
    only in indonesia...^^;; sorry guys...Collapse )


    Biology assignments...

    I'm kinda bored these days.
    Am I?
    I don't know...

    There's BTA today. But I think I won't be able to go. I have to do my biology papers. You know, the paper that assigned to students who weren't able to go to Bandung a few weeks ago. Yup, I couldn't go because my Dad weren't allow me to. Lots of transportation accident he said..

    Now, I have to make a paper about insemination. Umm.. it's cow's insemination. It's pretty difficult. I have to search lots of article on the internet.
    And that is one out of three Biology task that I have to finish today because all of them has to be done tommorrow. crazy. I know. the second task is: another biology paper, but different topic. I have to search some article about kidney and liver dissesse. Simple and not too difficult. But I don't know why I'm so lazy to do it. Last one, my biology teacher, Mrs. Trida told us to remember 36 human hormon with its fungction and location.. All the deadlines is tommorrow!! X.X


    all my life.. the 17th birthday... :)

    talking about future.. I'm restless..X33
    too confuse to make a decisions..
    the year book for school, career options, my seventeenth..
    everything is just too complicated for me...

    I really want to talk more in english but, this comes out easily when I use my native language..

    only in indonesia...^^;; sorry guys...Collapse )


    stairs from heaven

    nope.. I think this stairs comes from hell..
    because this morning at school, I accidentally slipped my feet and unfortunately fell from the stairs and hurt my back and legs... T.T
    read my misfortune..

    but only in indonesia...^^;; sorry guys...Collapse )


    me and my busy days..^^;

    it's been awhile since.. since... my last post..^^:

    Happy New Year 2007 everyone!!!!!!!!!
    although it's kinda late 8 days..
    I'm so busy here..
    doing this and that..
    don't take me wrong... *lol*

    I have to manage these activities:
    ~Getafuro [Gathering All J-indo Band Full of Rock]
    January 13th, 2007
    at Gedung Menza, Jl. Salemba Raya.. Jakarta Pusat..
    note:: to ALL J-Rocker out there.. come and be our guest!!:D
    ~STIGMA [Sixty Eight Media]
    Magazine school.. and I'm the 'editor-in-chief'..*I've told everyone about this, but until now it still sounds good to me XDD*
    I gotta find sponsors, supporting my writers, the proposal.. *argggh!!!*
    ~and Religion Activity [Rohis if I may say?]..
    February 3rd, 2007

    yep,, that's all..
    Actually,, these 2 weeks are school holiday. Today is the middle of the holiday, but last week I go to school everyday to attend meetings.
    that's why I don't have much time to be online and update this journal...
    BUT,, somehow I enjoy it. I'm happy being busy. Don't know why,, it makes me alive.. honest..^^;;
    ng... I should take a break anyway, don't you think? xP *lol* that's why I'm here.. sitting infront of computer all day long~BDD

    Happy Birthday Shirotan!!!!!^3^

    Happy Birthday Shirotan!!!!!!^3^

    I know!! I know!! I know I made a mistake with putting "th" after 21.. ==;; I should have put "st" instead of "th".. I just realized it after my PC crashed.. so I can't edit it.. oh god... T.T

    I won't be able to be online in the next three days..
    there will be some camping,, school programm..
    hng,, well,, see ya at Saturday..^^;;